Who We Are

Farrington Packaging specializes in the design, engineering and manufacture of custom packaging for watches, jewelry, pens, and a wide variety of other consumer products. A truly custom operation, Farrington provides the outstanding service, support and attention to detail specified by each individual customer. Our in-house designers, model makers and prototype engineers develop packaging uniquely suited to each customer's requirements. Product is made in our 450,000 square foot Utica, New York production and warehouse complex or in China, under the guidance of our quality control staff. We offer a full range of packaging solutions including wrapped metal shell, wrapped cardboard, wrapped plastic, vacuum form, wood, stitched and injection molded packaging.

Our Mission

Farrington is dedicated to:
1. Providing innovative design, engineering and production solutions for clientele packaging requirements.
2. Serving the needs of our customers with extraordinary care and enthusiasm.
3. Continuous improvement in service, quality and innovation.
4. Interacting with clientele, vendors and employees with integrity.
5. Changing with the needs of employees and marketplace.

Our History

Founded in the Boston area by Donald Farrington, Farrington Packaging began as a manufacturer of wrapped metal shell cases in the early 1920's. The company gradually diversified into other types of packaging, including wrapped cardboard and plastic injection molded boxes. Through this diversity, and a strong emphasis on automation and customer service, the Company quickly became a leader in the custom packaging field. Farrington later expanded beyond box production and began manufacturing covering materials and diversified into other markets as it began to produce credit card machines. In the late 1950's its manufacturing operations were located in Needham Heights, Massachusetts and in Cranston, Rhode Island. After Mele Enterprises acquired Farrington in 1961, all operations were eventually moved to Utica, New York, its present day location. During the 1990's Farrington began to manufacture boxes in China and other low production cost countries. To this day, Farrington remains a leader in the packaging field through its emphasis on extraordinary customer service, design, engineering and quality.